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What I do

Web Marketing

In addition to web development, I provide a full-suite, synergistic approach to internet marketing in order to drive more profitable traffic, increase conversions and improve ROI.

Web Development

I'm primarily a full-stack web developer that has deep experience building custom PHP applications with CakePHP and developing custom built WordPress themes.

Web Design

Not satisfied just building and driving traffic to sites, I like to get my hands dirty and participate in the design phase of new websites as well.

About me

I like to call myself a double rainbow unicorn: I’m a full stack PHP web developer, internet marketer and web designer all wrapped up in one person. With my 8 years of professional experience, I’ve helped build first-class websites, and managed nearly $1 million in advertising spend leading to exponential returns for many small businesses and startups. When I’m not working you’ll find me hiking, practicing yoga, and reading books on health.

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We’ve all heard about the news of Ebola spreading in West Africa this last year, but what I have right here is much more dangerous.  A Starbucks latte is pretty much all milk, and it’s…


The Hazards of Downgrading Your Digital Ocean Droplet

I’ve been a super fan of Digital Ocean, but enthusiasm has faded after downgrading one of my droplets. The whole point of cloud hosting like Digital Ocean is to easily ramp up and down depending…


Oh My, How I love You Standing Desk

  Seriously, I love my standing desk. It wasn’t always this simple though. I knew I despised my normal desk and the pain of sitting in my chair for hours a day. Even breaking up…


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