First Campaign/Video on Amplifyd Pledges

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We’ve all heard about the news of Ebola spreading in West Africa this last year, but what I have right here is much more dangerous.  A Starbucks latte is pretty much all milk, and it’s made with nonorganic milk, which poses serious health risks for you and everyone else around you.

Because non-organic dairies feed their confined cows an unnatural diet of gmo corn, which essentially amounts to cow junk food, their cows don’t have the nutrition necessary to stay healthy, requiring huge doses of antibiotics to keep them alive just long enough to pump out a few more gallons of milk for all those lattes.

And everyone from the FDA to the CDC, and pretty much every scientist and doctor have been warning us that our overuse of antibiotics poses a serious global health risk so great that it has the potential to throw us back into the dark ages of medicine where antibiotics no longer work.

Put that into context.  Image you or someone you care about, dying from a minor infection because the antibiotics we normally use are no longer effective. Well the frightening thing is, this is no longer an apocalyptic theory of the future, it’s already happening now, and it’s happening in all corners of the world, according the World Health Organization’s and the Center for Disease Control’s latest report.

In fact, at least 23,000 people die because of super resistant bugs already, and experts in the UK predict this number to grow to 10 million, almost the same number of people killed in the holocaust.

We need to take action now, whether you drink lattes or not, and that means convincing some of the biggest nonorganic milk buyers to make the switch to organic only milk, starting with Starbucks or at least asking them to I’ve us the option to choose organic milk.

Why? Because livestock farmers are responsible for almost all of the antibiotic usage around the world – 80%.  And the dairy farmers in particular that produce the billions of gallons of nonorganic milk every year use the most dangerous forms of antibiotics and in the highest dosages.

Organic milk production on the other had never uses antibiotics. Which is why making the switch to organic milk is the first critical step we must take in order to stop an epidemic of super-resistant bacteria from creating an ebola-like situation across the globe.

But how can we go about convincing Starbucks to do their part and make the switch to organic milk?  Sign a petition? Come on, corporations care about profits, not signatures. This is what happens to your petitions. We could of course boycott coffee, but that would work until we all start going through withdrawals tomorrow morning

Amplifyd has a better idea, and it’s called Amplifyd Pledges – it’s a new advocacy platform we’ve built that gives people the power to change corporations for the better.

Here’s how it works.  Make a pledge on the new Amplifyd site by selecting the dollar amount you want to pledge, then securely save your credit card information for later, but don’t worry, your pledge amount will never be charged unless we win the campaign.

We’ll use our collective pledges as the financial incentive to get Starbucks to switch to organic milk.  The more we can collectively pledge, the more financial incentive they have to change.

If (and only if) we win the campaign and Starbucks decides to switch or serve organic milk in their stores, we’ll charge your cards for the amount you pledged.  We’ll then send you a gift card with the pledge amount we just charged, minus the transaction cost that you can use to buy yummy organic milk lattes.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone, and there’s nothing to loose by pledging.