Oh My, How I love You Standing Desk

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Seriously, I love my standing desk. It wasn’t always this simple though. I knew I despised my normal desk and the pain of sitting in my chair for hours a day. Even breaking up my daily routine with an hour of yoga at lunch still created trepidations of returning to my chair. I began to creatively ruminate about the evil intentions my chair was harboring for me deep inside its plastic back and polyester meshed cushioning. I am fairly convinced that my chair desperately craved the comforting attention of my hips and legs pressed firmly to the seat, as if it couldn’t bear letting me go. And that’s exactly how sitting was for me: once I sat down, it was quizzically difficult to get up.

Make Your Own Desk

All I needed to make my standing desk was 1) laminate wood and polyurethane finish bought from Home Depot and 2) adjustable legs bought from IKEA

When I first got my standing desk I would still struggle convincing myself to get out of my normal chair to work at my standing desk. I wouldn’t last more than an hour or two at my standing desk, before I had to embrace the traditional habits of my emotionally dependent chair.

Yes, standing was great, but it wasn’t perfect. Overall I felt better at the end of the day. My legs didn’t hurt as much, but my feet and knees hurt from, well…standing all the time.

It wasn’t until 6 months later that the magic puzzle piece became clear to me. In hindsight, I was doing the whole stand up desk thing completely wrong, all because I was missing one key ingredient. It was as if I was making bread without salt (sorry lovers of unsalted Tuscan bread, that stuff is NOT good).

The solution was simple: a stool. How simple and embarrassing that I didn’t figure this out sooner! A stool allows me to sit and rest my legs in a way that increases the angle in my hip joint, reducing tension in my psoas muscle. As a result, it made it easier for me to slip on and off my stool while coding. No more sinking into the abyss that is my regular chair, refusing to let me get up when I want. I stand and sit all day long now. Even more, because my monitor is setup for my original standing position, it’s slightly higher than my eyes prefer which forces me to sit in an upright position. When my body is fatigued from keeping my upper body upright, I stand. When my body is tired of standing, I sit.

I have not used my normal desk since buying my stool. The normal desk and the chair sit idly on the other side of the room looking at me with lonely eyes, wishing for my return, but hey, I found my new love, what can you do?